The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

In the 21st century people! Why do we still treat mental health like it's not important? Why do we stereotype people suffering with mental illness as being crazy? Why do we tell an anxious person to stop overthinking? Why is there so much judgement surrounding people going to a therapist/psychologist? Witnessing the many different kinds … Continue reading The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Things to Cheer You Up!

Mental health is and always will be the most important thing for individuals well-being. Around the world multiple people struggle with mental health issues in their daily life. Stress, overthinking, anxiety and depression can be difficult to deal with and it is important to take breaks and spend enough time to self-care. Taking care of … Continue reading Things to Cheer You Up!

Life Hacks from a Psychology Student!

I started writing this post a long time back because back then I had just started studying mainstream psychology and had less ideas to share with my audience.But here I am with some very helpful hacks that I totally believe in and follow. These have made my life easier in certain ways! # If you … Continue reading Life Hacks from a Psychology Student!

The time I became a Published Academic Author.

It's strange how new chapters of life can bring such joy and success in an individual's life.After starting a new academic chapter of my life (joining university), I was blessed to be around good company of friends, encouraging and friendly faculties as well as excited parents.Studying applied psychology means you get tons of opportunities to … Continue reading The time I became a Published Academic Author.

Mumbai and Food

Lights, Camera, Action the city known as the house of Bollywood, Mumbai does have more to it than just the Indian actors and cinema. The night lights, infrastructure, dreams and food are the main things that attract millions of people to the city everyday. Let's talk about two of my favourite things, my city Mumbai … Continue reading Mumbai and Food