The One With All The Reasons..

If you haven’t already guessed it based on the title. Yes, I am a huge FRIENDS fanatic!

My first thought while beginning to write this post was, I need to state or share some reasons with the readers as to why they should come back and continue reading my content. But then I had an epiphany that I shouldn’t and need not give an explanation rather just tell you guys that I am gonna write from my heart and share with you only the things I truly believe in. I just wanna do some good for myself and the world, I think this blog will help keep my erratic thoughts at bay and give me a source to share my creativity freely.

Phish! That got a little intense but I just wanted everyone to know I’m serious about making this Blog an important part of my life.

Well, I’m sure now you’re wondering what are the different things I’m going to be posting about so…

You’ll find short stories and poems written by yours truly 😊 and a lot of fun stuff likeee, reviews of books and movies that I love and feel like you should love too, recipes of foods, DIYs, my adventures, have some guest writers and the list could go on… but I promise to make it all interesting and cheering to read.

I guess it’s time for me to sign out now!

Join the fam and me on this new adventure !! Until Next Time! ❤

XOXO Sandy

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