International Woman’s Day

“Woman” “Femme” “Mujer” “महिला” “Frau” “स्त्री”….. just a few other ways we address a female around the world. Such diversity in the language but every language you say the word in, it still means Power and a Force to be Reckoned with.

8th of March around the world we celebrate International Woman’s Day, there are marches, walks, parties, special offers and even sales in stores especially for us woman but what does this day really signify?

For years woman around the world struggled to increase gender equality and improve the quality of life for woman. In 1990, after observing the protests and fight that the women put up for themselves, United Nations declared this day (8th of March) to celebrate the extraordinary work of Woman. The global day honors woman for all their social, cultural, political and economic achievements through the years. And not just those woman who have achieved something in their life but even those who their are own kind of superheroes for their family and friends.

From the time this day was created, until now a lot of change and improvement has been seen in the lives and conditions of living for woman. In developed countries, all woman are freely allowed to work and are given the choice to pursue their dreams, they can vote and even participate in politics themselves which is a huge improvement from the time we weren’t even allowed to have an opinion. We have mastered the art of balancing the work and home life successfully and are taking the world by a storm. Most important of all, Woman now get the respect and encouragements they deserved all along. Though, in some countries much of this change is still in progress, everyday we are moving a step closer to a better life for every individual. (Beyonce’s ‘Run The World’ Plays in the background)

Personally, my motivation on this day is “I want my happiness to depend on Me and not on Anyone else.” I believe that someday I will be capable of achieving something big and reaching heights of amazingness I cannot even think of right now (future me brag :P) and when that time comes I will try my very best to do something with it.

“I matter. I matter equally. Not ‘if only’, not ‘as long as’. I matter. Full Stop.”

“Do not say you are weak, because you are a woman.”

“A person who has at least one dream, has reason enough to be strong.”

Some motivation and inspiring words from Woman to encourage you to get off your ass and do some good (if not for others, atleast for youself gurl!)

This Woman’s Day, I would like to Salute every woman, housewife, athlete, businesswoman, mother, sister and daughter who aspires to achieve something and wants to make a change! You are all my Inspiration!

I dedicate this post and this day to my biggest encouragement ~ My Mother.

Happy Woman’s Day to Everyone!

Let me know in the comments how you celebrated this day! And what difference do you wanna see in the world?

XOXO Sandy.

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