Indian Festival of Colors ~ Holi

Tiny Balloons ✔ Different colors ✔ Water Hose ✔ Sweets ✔ PichKari ✔ Think I covered everything we would need to have a extremely fun day playing Holi, a.k.a The day we get down and dirty with some water and colors!

Holi was one day of the year, I did not mind lathering up with some oil (so the color doesn’t permanently stain me) and going out with friends to get drenched in water, no matter how cold it was. But that was till I moved to Dubai and now it’s just not that fun anymore so I don’t get to play as much anymore..

Holi is a simple the festival of colors, majorly celebrated in India and Nepal. I believe it symbolises new beginnings and it marks the beginning of Spring which is my favorite season!

Since, Holi is a Hindu festival it has to have some religious significance which is why the night before we light a bonfire (Holika) to sing and dance around. We celebrate holi to mark the victory of virtue and goodness over evil.

Writing this post reminded me of that time I played Holi with all my family and friends. Those memories ah! I often wish I could go back in time and live those moments & have all that fun again. So, I think it’s story time!

My favorite Holi memory, started on the night before Holi. We had very open people in our building from different communities, they came around to celebrate all festivals together and yea this was one of those times. We all gathered in the compound and set up the Holika, people bought flowers, coconut, rice flakes for the fire. I’m sure we spent a good 5-6 hours down dancing, singing and generally having a blast with each other. We went back pretty late and fell asleep soon cause of all the excitement for the next morning. Following day, My whole family was awake early around 8amish, We did not need to take a bath cause obviously we gonna get drenched with water and colors soon enough. So all we did was lather ourselves up with oil, eat something and obviously fill some water balloons for you know pre- preparation of attacks. People often ask me the reason we oil our exposed body (hands, legs and face) and hair, and it is because some people buy cheap quality colors so it could permanently stain our skin but the oil acts as a barrier and does not completely ruin it, allowing us to scrub the color off later. We left the house with packets of bunch of different colors (all organic BTW) and water balloons. Friends from neighboring buildings and ours gathered together and began the celebration. There was loud music, rain water (like a shower from water hose), colors and SWEETS (Holi speciality ~ Gujiya). We danced and played with colors all day long, with friends and family. Using bright colors spreading it all over their faces (the mixture of colors often ended up looking terrifying), drenching them with water filled pichkaries and fighting with water balloons. That was a day vividly remember because of the happiness and glee I felt spending the day with all the people I immensely love.

Ah! Festivals are my favorite time of the year and each one has a speciality of it’s own. Do tell me in the comments What your favorite thing about Holi is and if you celebrated what all did you do!

Wishing You All A Very Happy Holi!

हमेशा मीठी रहे आपकी बोली ,
खुशियों से भर जाए आपकी झोली ,
आप सबको मेरी तरफ से हैप्पी होली। 

XOXO Sandy.

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