What’s in my College Bag?

Trying to pass time during vacations, I watched a lot of Youtube and often got recommended videos like what’s in my luggage? and what’s in my purse? challenges. I believe what a person chooses to carry in their bag say’s a lot about them and This inspired me to write my very own version of what’s in my college backpack.

There are few things I carry that could be qualified as ‘must-have’s’ which means, I move this stuff from one bag to another whenever I happen to change bags. Then, there are the things that I think are really important but still never use. Let’s scroll though my list of things I always have in my college bag!

My Wallet

This is one thing I always have to carry for obvious reasons. I got this cute little purse for all my cards, ids and money. Everywhere I go, the purse goes with me cause ya know it’s important stuff.

Lip Balm

Even though, I mostly always lose this one thing everytime I buy it, I make sure I always carry a lipbalm everywhere I go cause you never know when you lips can get dry and need their shine back. My current lipbalm is Cocoa Butter from Lush and I’m so in love with the way it smells, honestly hope I never lose it!

Sanitizer and Tissues

In case of emergencies and colds that I get very often the tissues are a must. Sometimes, I wonder what I would do if tissues were not created, probably carry a handkerchief around *cringe*. Sanitizer because I’m too lazy to walk go to the washroom before/after eating food, especially during college and for crisis with dirt or anything I guess. Always good to keep a small bottle handy.

Phone Charger

I’m not sure but every morning before I leave for college I make sure to pack my phone charger even though most of the time I never use it. I think it’s more for emergencies than anything else.

Tiny Notebook

I’m in a teacher’s room and I need to take notes, let me take out my Handy Dandy Notebook! Haha, I don’t always use it but once it a blue moon for emergency note taking purposes it does come very handy.


Cause you never know when you’re bored and wanna watch some tv show or just listen to some bangin tunes. These are especially helpful when there’s someone sitting next to you jabbering (rude but yea thats how some people speak) and you desperately want them to stop, so you just plug these on.

These are some other stuff that I occasionally carry or is always just there in my bag!

  • My Tiny Hairbrush
  • A baggie with some nuts (for when I get snackie)
  • My VS Perfume
  • Two extra hairbands (I tend to lose them alot)
  • Atleast one pen and one pencil
  • The book I am currently reading if it is not a pdf
  • My Ipad (when it is charged)
  • Some half eaten/unfinished food item
  • And uh the bare essentials for classes too like, a pouch with random stationary and a pretty big notebook or binder (I guess)

Well, That’s all the crap I have in my bag, atleast what I can recall now! I enjoyed writing this post so much! I’ll make sure to update it some days randomly if i recall something.

Share with me if there’s anything weird or unique you carry!

XOXO Sandy.

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