The 2-inch Handbag

So um WOW! Fashion Designers have given a whole different meaning to size small by creating the 2-inch handbag. Yea you heard me (or read) me right! 2-inches like what exactly is supposed to fit into a bag that tiny.

Launched a few weeks back at the Parish Fashion Week by some French designer, it supposedly costs around a whopping 500$, which has me questioning what exactly it is that people are paying for? The bag is absolutely useless! They’re like those teeny tiny fancy mugs you get at the coffee shops, all you can do with them is store as a show piece in your mantel but never ever can they be used.

But…. but obviously stating reasons why the creation of this bag is illogical and basically a waste of resources is not the point of this post (at all!)

During the time I first found out about this amazing creation (note the sarcasm), I came across a few very ‘fitting’ memes created by people using the bag which I would like to share with you guys so you can have a good laugh as well xD.

Well I can totally see that happening now!
Oh, the torture that is excess baggage especially after those annual trips to India!
Ah Every Damn Time! But I have no regrets! #ExcessLuggage
On a Daily Basis!

And then a few I came up on my own cause why not?

Need this Bag to safely store my only four working brain cells!

Finally, a Bag to carry my entire life savings!

*Buys an expensive ring* Ah! If only there was someplace to store this! *Designer creates Mini bag* Ta Da!

That case is not even big enough to carry all our emotional baggage *face palms*
And you thought it was easy to lose you’re purse before xD

I hope this miniature trend does not go on for much long as we never know all the more things that can be made tiny for no reason whatsoever! Wait, So that’s like the new cool.. ruining things for no reason! Sounds Fun Ah

If I think of any more stupid things this purse could carry, I’ll make sure to update y’all. Until then, Do Comment and let me know what are all the things you would like to stuff in there!

XOXO Sandy.

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