Bucket List of My Favorite TV Shows

*Sigh* TV shows are the bane or evil of our generation. No matter how good a tv show is, it almost always simple leads to wasting of long hours of precious time. But never mind all that cause as much as I or I’m sure you readers try there is no leaving this cycle of uncounted hours of binge watching shows.

For awhile now I have been kinda obsessed with watching movies and tv shows, especially since my recent (like 2 years) introduction to the world of these amazing shows.

So here’s a list of some series, that I have binge watched atleast a few times and I still would chose watching them over any important work I have to do even if, I feel guilty about it!

Let’s Begin…


Oh the go-to Medical Drama. This is the first show I ever watched and loved so much. The characters have made me cry countless tears and laugh multiple times but still I keep rewatching the show and never get bored. The story starts with 5 interns in their first year of Residency at then called Seattle Grace Hospital and through the years its changed many names. It follows the 5 interns through their journey of residency to finally becoming attendings, solving the wackiest of cases and living craziest twists. Be aware ~ Meredith Grey is the sole reason I cried all through 15 seasons of this mind-blowingly wonderful show!


So Noone Told You Life was Gonna Be This Way! 👏👏 This show basically teaches you to live your life in the best way possible ~ Enjoy it while it lasts especially with your friends. I was hesitant to start the show at first but someone close to me pushed me to watch the first few episodes and I swear I fell in love instantly. If ever asked to choose one Favorite Friend I never would be able to cause they all have/had something special or unique about themselves. 100/100 recommended to watch not once but multiple times, with friends even (pun intended).


Noice! Toit! Cool cool cool cool! Nine Nine! Jake Peralta stole my heart, it was like love at first television sight. The show is relatable af to everyone honestly, it’s such a Bae. Story of bunch of detectives working in New York City ~ Brooklyn at the 99th Precinct. And yes! They are the New York’s Finest. From Rosa Diaz, the complete scary badass to Terry Jeffords the muscular softie, you’ll find each of them adorable. The show is the cutest ah! I wish it never ends. (Ps. I totally ship Jake and Amy forever and I really hope they have little jamy babies soon)


The dark Angel story… the actors are the main reason I decided to watch this show. Benedict Cumberbatch (did I spell his name right?), his accent is like music to my ears and his dark/twisted life story of being a broken angel from heaven with a evil father and super strict brother *Damn*. In some of the seasons he goes to therapy which I can relate to cause of my speciality ;).


The virgin who gets artificially inseminated now that’s one show I instantly got hooked on. It’s the only telenovela that I’ve ever watched and enjoyed. It has drama, twists, romance, tears and the cutest baby. It’s like a typical drama show but so much better with evil stepmoms and amnesia. I would totally recommended to anyone and everyone!


Yes, Don’t be so shocked I do watch tv shows other than comedy and drama. I’m not much of Action movie fan but Badass superheroes I do always watch. Arrow gives me feels of a real hardworking superhero, especially because his backstory is super depressing. The struggles he has of maintaining his secret from everyone as well as handling relationships and his father’s empire was big stuff. His sister is rebellious fighter but so cute. Felicity is the tech geek girl and so relatable.


Recently watched this amazing series, it shares such amazing messages of social struggles people face ~ honestly would make you fall in love with the story and characters before the end of the first episode. Small Family living in LA with a crazy (but most adorable) landlord, draws attention to issues of family life, LGBTQ etc. I would have loved to watched more of the show if the stupid Netflix hadn’t ended the show. But seriously watch and rewatch some more.

These are just a few really good ones I recall watching so much that I remember their dialogues too (I’m sure that’s not good at all).

Tell me in the comments if you’ve watched any of these shows and what you love about them! Also, share your favorite tv shows that I should to this must watch list and recommend some to me too xD Hope you stop binging and procrastinating! And try something new today!

XOXO Sandy.

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