Daily Dose of Dopamine

Dopamine is a chemical (the happy chemical) produced by the brain that is transported in the neurons, and it essentially acts as a motivator or reward for different tasks we do that make us happy. I won't get into the chemical and biological part of it. But it makes me wonder has the constant use … Continue reading Daily Dose of Dopamine

6 Things Filmfare should learn from the Oscars!

Award Shows! AH that time of the year when celebrities dress up their best to sit in front of a stage to watch the same repetitive performances and comedy bits, followed by getting the awards they paid for or sometimes even just sitting their with a fake smile, feeling jealous of those who did win … Continue reading 6 Things Filmfare should learn from the Oscars!

People Who May Just Annoy You

Don't you get annoyed by some things.... and even people sometime? Like they just do things that infuriate you and there's just nothing you can do other than punch a wall (later). Honestly, sometimes it's like people are just so self-involved that they seem to forget that there are 100's of different people around them. … Continue reading People Who May Just Annoy You

My All Time Favorite!

Milkshakes are my all time favorite drinks! I enjoy the usual trip to Keventers and McDonalds for a refreshing glass. And the bottles they give are so adorable. But more often than not, My laziness surpasses my love for milkshakes so I don't get to go indulge in my weakness as often. So I came … Continue reading My All Time Favorite!