6 Things Filmfare should learn from the Oscars!

Award Shows! AH that time of the year when celebrities dress up their best to sit in front of a stage to watch the same repetitive performances and comedy bits, followed by getting the awards they paid for or sometimes even just sitting their with a fake smile, feeling jealous of those who did win one they deserved.

But Eh! If I start talking about that I may just never stop. So, I decided to summarize the 6 important things Bollywood’s Filmfare awards could learn from the amazing Oscars.

Some Power packed Speeches are Needed!

What makes Oscars different is the courage every award winner has to come up on stage and take that opportunity to talk about something they believe in, even if it would start an online war. From racism to LGBT rights to climate change, these heroes make it a point to talk about a issue that stands out for them in their speeches. Like, when Sam Smith (Winner of the Best Song) spoke about being a proud gay man and standing by the LGBT community, hoping that one day they could all stand together as equals. These celebrities understand the influence they wield on the society, so they grab the moment and stand up to voice their opinions (which they know may or may not be always appreciated). The speeches do highly impress me, because our Indian actors can’t seem to have an opinion to talk about besides being complaisant with their ‘thank-yous, I mean common people I get that your family encouraged you but there are way more important things. Maybe now that Priyanka Chopra has seen the light on the other side of the tunnel, she’l return and teach them some responsibility.

Moments on The Red Carpet, Please!

Every actor attending these awards shows needs to spend some more time on the Red Carpet, showing off their glamorous outfits, strutting some moves, having some swoon-worthy moments like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s reunion and such movements that was all too Titanic-y. Red Carpet should be the time for all the cute and memorable pictures that would make those who could not attend envious and us go aww…

Pause on The Editing, Play on The Live…

Oscars are telecast live, meme worthy mistakes are made, epic moments are born and the stars look like humans, when they help make these shows extremely enjoyable. But alas! That can never happen on Indian Television, reasons being well the actors do not stay through the whole show so the editors have to add in some reactions for the finale. Our not-so tolerant society get so easily deranged if the hosts were to crack any political jokes and zero screen time is ever given to the workers behind the camera – they are unflattering real humans who deserve the chance to speak as much as the great actors. Possibly, if the actors are given a little less appreciation all the time and not feed with money and awards, they would grow a spine. Making the filmfare live would be a long process but some baby steps later we have a much more enjoyable show.

Stop Selling Awards

Indian award shows can never be as grand as Oscars because celebs cannot simple buy themselves an Oscar award, whereas our Indian actors are used to buying awards not earning them. Oscars are only given to the most deserving nominee with the greatest of talents. It’s hard to believe but recently Rishi Kapoor the famous Indian actor mentioned in his biography that he bought an award for his role in ‘BOBBY’ for Rs 30,000. Maybe if we stop selling our awards to any or the less than deserving candidates, we can be as successful and big as the Oscars.

Hosts Needed – Make Us Laugh Not Wince!

Let’s start a petition today to have a host in Filmfare that is capable of making us laugh and not just cringe, someone like Chris Rock maybe! Every year we witness multiple actors coming on stage and cracking a few dumb quips with other actors, basically making us wish we never started watching in the first place. Then, there are the very poo-faced comedians of Indian Televisions like Kapil Sharma, who just make you wonder why people think he’s funny or do they laugh just to make him feel good about himself. These unlaughable jokes and comedians have got to stop. A little new talent and originality is what the Indian award shows need now.

Little More Original Content Maybe?

The Movies… one of the most important part of an award show. But just for a second let’s be real about this none of the Bollywood movies are Oscar worthy yet. To have an award show as great as The Oscars, it is necessary to have a great quality of cinema which Bollywood so clearly lacks. Production spends billions on making a movie, but all they do is create a dull, repeated story filled with a bunch of over dramatic stories or item songs. Though once in a blue moon the industry does makes movies like Black, Pink or Queen which are worth our time and money and deserve to win great many awards but remain underappreciated. Just why can’t they stop making movies out of romantic books or straight up stealing ideas from Hollywood, it is important to have originality in ideas to create an Oscar award worthy movie.          

And a Few other things could be, making the show a little shorter with better content. Instead of having the same repetitive performers every year, get some new artists or Indian dance competition winners to perform instead.  Oh, Please get some good musicians to perform as well so we can swoon over their voice for days.

These are the few important ones I could come up with! If you have any suggestions for the FilmFare producers, Do leave them in the comments section down!

XOXO, Sandy   

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