People Who May Just Annoy You

Don’t you get annoyed by some things…. and even people sometime? Like they just do things that infuriate you and there’s just nothing you can do other than punch a wall (later).

Honestly, sometimes it’s like people are just so self-involved that they seem to forget that there are 100’s of different people around them. So Here is my list of a few (very little) things that annoy the living daylights out of me…

People who don’t remember your name, especially when you’ve made the effort to remember their’s. And, there is that special category of people who just mispronounce your name, even after you’ve corrected them on multiple occasions. OMG WHY!? It’s not that hard.

When you are travelling in public transport and people sitting beside or behind you are trying to peep into your phone to see what you are doing. Like uh…. Mind Your Eyes!

Girls and women who pour perfume on themselves rather than spray it. And leave lipstick marks on the mirrors. EW!

People who slurp while they eat or drink and don’t even realize it.

Times when you are sharing a story with your friends and one of them simply interrupts because of their excitement to share what they have to say. These people often don’t even realize they have rudely cut you off.

Most annoying habit of some is constantly forgetting to return things you’ve borrowed. I’m trying to recall the countless number of times I’ve given away my pens and pencils, to never get them back again.

Men on the streets just blowing smoke from their cigarettes in your face as you walk by them. Someday one of them ought to get punched in the face.

Bouncing their legs, pen tapping and clicking, playing with their hair or drumming the table. Such irritating nervous habits. Though I may be guilty of at least one of them so oops.

People who start telling joke or story and either ending up laughing or forgetting halfway through. Smack.

Drivers who cannot wait two seconds for the pedestrian to cross the damn road. Especially, in the heat like you are sitting in the luxury of air conditioning and yet somehow you can’t be patient.

Those in lifts that won’t stop it for you because of some dying rush they are in and those who rush and push to get in before you can get out. STOP!

Oh and the most annoying of them all are the ones of who say “Guess What” and after you say ‘What?” They say “Guess!”. Like ugh! Just tell me

Phew, that wasn’t an easy list to make but there you go. If you do anyone of these annoying things maybe it’s time you check yourself hun 😉

Let me know in the comments any of the things I missed that annoy you just as much!

Stay Happy Folks!

XOXO Sandy.

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