Daily Dose of Dopamine

Dopamine is a chemical (the happy chemical) produced by the brain that is transported in the neurons, and it essentially acts as a motivator or reward for different tasks we do that make us happy.

I won’t get into the chemical and biological part of it. But it makes me wonder has the constant use of social media increased our dependence on the likes, comments and compliments for this gratification or happiness.

Before the existence of social media, little things like eating your favourite food or receiving a hand written note would be enough to raise our dopamine levels making us extremely happy.

But, ever since social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has taken away our attention these little things are just not enough.

Even, sociology has taught us that Human beings are attention seeking animals, they require immediate gratification for everything they do and delaying this process could have negative consequences on the individuals and their will to be successful in life.

This is why people constantly share what they are doing, on social media so others can see it and gratify them. Such behavior has increased our reliance or addiction on the likes and comments we receive from others. And honestly think about it, Doesn’t it make you atleast a little sad when nobody comments on a picture of new outfit you bought or you get less likes on a recent post? It’s all psychology and chemical wiring in the brain.

All we need to do is not waste so much of our time on social media looking for approval from others rather be self-accepting and self-gratifying.

Maybe do a good deed and give yourself a pat on the back. Or try something new (a fruit or hobby) and you’ll realise YOU are enough to make yourself happy!

Stay Positive Folks!

XOXO Sandy.

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