Mumbai and Food

Lights, Camera, Action the city known as the house of Bollywood, Mumbai does have more to it than just the Indian actors and cinema. The night lights, infrastructure, dreams and food are the main things that attract millions of people to the city everyday.

Let’s talk about two of my favourite things, my city Mumbai and well, Food.

I am a picky eater so it’s very hard for me to fall in love with some food items but everytime I come back to Mumbai, there are a few things I have to go and eat. It’s almost like a need or craving of sorts.

So if you’re living here or visiting, do go and try some of these amazing treats of street food and restaurants in Mumbai (Not sponsored)

1. Pani Puri

Most famous and common street food. If you’ve come to Mumbai and not tried the pani puri atleast once what’s the point of coming even?

2. Vada Pav or Samosa Pav

Not my most favourite but it’s what Mumbai is known for so you gotta go and try some. Maybe from Jumbo King or any street vendor. And don’t forget to ask for some extra Red lasun chatni.

3. The chocolate donuts from Mad Over Donuts

Oh Lord, there donuts are a gift from God. Honestly, you won’t find such soft, chocolaty and lip smacking donuts anywhere else in Mumbai and that’s my personal guarantee. My Personal favourite is Double Trouble!

4. Garlic Breadsticks from Dominos

I love Pizza, I could live on it till the end of time but these garlic breadsticks with the cheesy dip might just one up the Pizza, which is kinda not fair cause nobody else back home makes them that good. Should totally try them out if you even remotely like cheese and bread.

5. Natural Icecream

I’ve been having the chocolate ice cream from this place for as long as I can remember, some of my favourite memories of Mumbai are attached to this place. And they just recently turned 35 years, which is wow. So go try out any chocolate, nutty or seasonal fruit icecreams.

6. Coconut water and Sugarcane juice

Straight from the coconut and just juiced out of sugarcane stems. These drinks are worthy in every season. Should be tried at least once you come around.

7. The Burgers from McDonalds

I’ve tried McDonald’s burgers from atleast 4 different countries and none of them beat the thick juicy patty and strong bun that you’ll find only in India (or Mumbai). While you’re trying the burger get some hot, crispy fries and maybe a chocolate or strawberry shake.

8. Gola from the Beach

The icey flavoured goodness is found best at any of the Mumbai beaches. Found in a wide variety of flavors, all of which are just as good. My favourite one would be Kala Khata. These are the go to summer icecreams.

9. Cat Cafe Studio

This last one is not exactly a food more of a place with really good food and tons of feline friends to play with. I recently discovered this amazing place where you can buy amazing drinks and food, to go and enjoy while playing with cats. This place is honestly so beautiful and peaceful. You’re surrounded by stray felines who were taken in and cared for by the organisation who allows you to play with them for as long as you want if you just follow few simple house rules. If you’re around for a good long time, go spend some time with the cats and it might even help desimate your stress.

I’ll keep editing this if I recall some other places or visit any new ones.

Mumbai is a beautiful, lively city. Worth visiting atleast once in a lifetime.

Tell me about your favourite things in your city!

Stay Happy Lovelies.

XOXO Sandy.

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