Recently, A friend told me about his experience using Google maps. How the maps gave him certain longer directions to his location and after going down that route, he realised there was a simpler one which he knew he could have taken. This story made me reflect on so many things in my life and others.

Why is it that we depend so much on outsiders and even technology these days to guide us through life? Why has it become so difficult for majority of the Millennial generation to trust their instincts and just go with the flow?

With multiple things constantly happening around, maybe it has become difficult for us to keep track of our priorities and listen to our own mind and heart before leaning on others for support. But now we instantly look at others (family, friends, peers and even co-workers) to help us decide on even the littlest of things in life. Assistance in picking/buying new clothes or making career choices, even while trying out new hobbies. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting advice but when it becomes a constant need to just ask others for everything that’s when it might become an issue.

More than guidance, I believe it is the approval we seek from others that gratifies our choices. We are living in a world where all of our decisions are being monitored and criticized. People even judge and comment on the clothes we wear and such overbearing thoughts have drastically decreased our self-confidence as well as the trust we have in ourselves to always make the right choices. There is obviously not much that can be done to change the mindset of people and get them to stop meddling in our lives but maybe some of it is our fault too. I believe we give others too much importance and uncontrolled access to our lives, which makes it easier for them to always have an opinion. All of this has just resulted in us underestimating our own capabilities.

So maybe it’s time to kick these extra opinions and unreasonable self-doubt in the butt and start believing in ourselves more. In fact, finding our own path through the dirt and rubble is always worth it. And yea, it won’t be easy, it will take some time and lots of self-motivation but if we just listen to our big brain and beating heart, they combined would definitely help us make the best of choices or we can always get help for the big ones.

PS. I need to start listening to my advice too and believe in myself more cause I went places to get some advice for this post.

XOXO Sandy.

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