The time I became a Published Academic Author.

It’s strange how new chapters of life can bring such joy and success in an individual’s life.
After starting a new academic chapter of my life (joining university), I was blessed to be around good company of friends, encouraging and friendly faculties as well as excited parents.
Studying applied psychology means you get tons of opportunities to get your own research papers published in top tier journals.
And to my own surprise, My friend Linsha and my first ever co authored research assignment was selected to be published in a IEEE conference book. The best part was this was the first time First Year Psychology students were being given this opportunity.

It was such an amazing moment when the teacher walked up to me in class and asked if we would be interested in developing our paper to suit the theme and have it published. I think I was over the moon with happiness, even as I was unaware of the few months of stress we were going to be under to get it in perfect condition.

Multiple drafts, lots of editing, reading, researching and paraphrasing later we had finally submitted our final draft in December for the plagiarism check. With a 4% result, we were overjoyed to receive the email that our paper had been accepted.

Oh so the academic conference was called “Amity International Conference on Artificial Intelligence”
Or AICAI’ 2019.

Artificial Intelligence that was the theme, which so much more different from what I am actually studying.
Writing and researching for this paper was one of the best college experiences I’ve had till date and I would do it again repeatedly. Especially, because it gives me a sense of pride and achievement, and the actual conference days are the best.

My paper is titled ‘Detection of Online Manipulation to Prevent Users Victimization’ sounds fancy doesn’t it? That’s cause it is 😉

You can google the title and find it on the IEEE or researchgate website with my name as the first co-author *yiippee*.

I hope I’m forever motivated to write papers on the weirdest of topics and get them published.
Share your academic experiences and accomplishments with me in the comments!

Stay Smart Fellas!

XOXO Sandy.

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