I know I know, I’ve been MIA for quite sometime but it’s just things have kept me engaged. It’s been awhile I haven’t posted and it’s mostly because I’ve had a bad case of writers block, maybe I’ve run out of ideas or kind of lacking the motivation to write good content but I’m on this study from home break so I hope to find I interesting things to write about!

There are a few quotes or lines from
places that have made me laugh but also pause and remember moments of life.

So here is MY LIST OF TOP 12 Thought Provoking and Funny Quotes!

Being angry doesn’t mean you are being hateful, it means you love yourself enough to get upset at your own mistreatment.

I want my Happiness to depend on me.

Sometimes it’s the imperfect stuff that makes life perfect.

Maybe you need take a trip down to Ikea and assemble yourself some sense of humour.

In life something’s just happen, and we don’t get to know why..

If you’re ever feeling lonely, just eat in front of a mirror.

Every morning you wake up, make the choice to be happy because it is solely in your hands.

 After Tuesday even the calendar goes WTF.

You’re allowed to change your mind about what you want in life.

Happiness should be a constant part of life rather than a point we wish to get too.

Everything will be okay in the end. So, if things are not okay right now, it’s not the end.

How many times has you mind take a small piece of uncertain information and spun a story that ends up consuming your thoughts?

I’ve only written 3 of those myself. I don’t know if these would brighten you in someway but it’s nice knowing
I might’ve helped few of you smile.

If there are any quotes or lines that have moved you! Let me know about them in the comments section and I’ll be sure to add them to my list.
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XOXO Sandy.

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