Life Hacks from a Psychology Student!

I started writing this post a long time back because back then I had just started studying mainstream psychology and had less ideas to share with my audience.

But here I am with some very helpful hacks that I totally believe in and follow. These have made my life easier in certain ways!

# If you want to enhance your learning skills, just eat chocolate. Studies show that eating chocolate while studying increases our learning capacity and memory!

# If you want to build a relationship with someone just copy their body language. This is a technique called mirroring, it helps others build trust in you.

# If you wish to save money this year as a new years resolution, always pay in cash this means you are actually seeing the money physically that you are spending and are more likely to spend less.

# If you suffer with anxiety or just get nervous, chew gum. Studies show that we get anxious when our body things we are in danger which activates our fight or flight response. When you chew or eat your body realizes that you are not in any real danger.

# If you want to get somebody to agree to do something big for you, ask them to do something small first. This is called “the foot in the door” technique, it shows people are more likely to do something for you if they have already done something small for you.

# If you want your date to fall in love with you, take them out for an activity that will get their heart racing. Studies have shown that people are more likely to fall in love in scary situations.

# If you wish to prosper at something tell yourself you are going to do well. The power of your mind set so strong that studies show that people who positively reinforce themselves before doing a task actually do better then people who say they’re going to fail.

# If you want to increase your chances of doing well in an interview, ask to go first or last. Memory tests show that people are more likely to remember things at the start or the end, so if you go in the middle you are less likely to be remembered.

# Clenching your fists can actually improve your memory. Studies show that clenching your right fist actually helps with memory formation so use this while you are revising!

Being a psychology student, I’ve actually spent time researching about each of these hacks and bring them to you from a scientific perspective.

Let me know if you try any of these hacks and if it worked well for you.
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xoxo Sandy.

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