Things to Cheer You Up!

Mental health is and always will be the most important thing for individuals well-being. Around the world multiple people struggle with mental health issues in their daily life. Stress, overthinking, anxiety and depression can be difficult to deal with and it is important to take breaks and spend enough time to self-care. Taking care of oneself and spending time to cheer up should be no. 1 priority. Yet, I often have difficulty figuring out things to make myself feel better again. So, on account of World Mental Health Month, I conducted a social survey with my 300 something followers on Instagram.

I simple asked them, “what do you do to cheer yourself up after a difficult day?”

Here’s a list of 30 things people and I would do to feel better when we’re having a bad day (starts with most preferred):

1. Eating

2.Binge watch favorite shows

3. Baking

4. Read a good book

5. Listen to music

6. Cooking your favorite food

7. Ranting to someone

8. Drinking tea

9. Walking your pet

10. Watching movies

11. Taking a long bath

12. Talking to a friend

13. Going shopping

14. Drawing or Painting

15. Taking a nap

16. Stargazing

17. Looking at funny animal videos online

18. Cleaning your room

19. Window shopping

20 Ordering in junk food

21. Journalling

22. Eat Icecream

23. Go for a walk ~ get some fresh air

24. Have a spa day with facials and manicures

25. Social Media Blackout

26. Meditation

27. Netflix and Chill

28. Have a beach or pool day

29.Have a video call with your gals

30. Get something accomplished

I’ll make sure to try some of these suggestions myself soon. And if you try them let me know which one’s you helped the most!

xoxo sandy

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