The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

In the 21st century people!

Why do we still treat mental health like it’s not important? Why do we stereotype people suffering with mental illness as being crazy? Why do we tell an anxious person to stop overthinking? Why is there so much judgement surrounding people going to a therapist/psychologist?

Witnessing the many different kinds of mental issues that exist and impacts thousands of people all over the world, should make us rethink about our attitude towards the stigma of Mental Health and understand why does it exist? Research suggests, majority of people avoid going to a professional for help because of the shame, embarrassment or judgement coming from the society. I think more often, people are worried about being ostracized if their friends, co-workers, boss, or neighbours become aware about their mental illness. Prejudice and Judgement against people who suffer with mental illness is just as debilitating as the illness itself. The pressure and feelings hinder an individual’s will to ask for help and he/she often continues struggling.

Depression affects every 1 in 12 people in the world and about 1 in 4 people will face some mental health issue in their lifetime. Not only this, around 800,000 people die each year by committing suicide. These are such devastating numbers, especially knowing there are experts who are trained to help people suffering from mental illness. We never realise the hundreds of emotions and struggle hidden behind an individual’s real self. Yet, we spend so much time judging them, without having a single clue of what is really going on with them. This ages long built-in prejudice needs to be broken. People need to understand mental health is not just a hashtag or trend rather a traumatising, strength smashing problem. While we should be focusing on saving lives and building individuals up, people are busy offering broken support to each other.

People need to realise that mental health is an integral part of their overall wellbeing. Having a mental illness is not a weakness, rather a sign of strength to seek help and support. Every individual should take the first step of talking to their family about their own mental health and its importance to a balanced life.

Even though our mind cannot be seen or weighted, it can be treated. If your mind isn’t functioning properly, you cannot expect the rest of your body to work right? So, Start the conversation, ask for help and get the support. Neglecting mental health makes it an issue and attaches a stigma to it. It’s our individual responsibility to remove the sticker and shine light on it!

xoxo sandy.

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