Hello! Namaste! Hey There!

I am Sandhya and I’m 20 years old.

I’ve thought about starting something i.e. this Blog to share my thoughts and dreams with everyone for a really long time.

So, during one of my very boring breaks, I decided with determination to finally start writing down stuff and here it finally is.

For Starters this is Me –

I get most of my inspiration for writing from all the reading I do, all the time.

Reading is my most favorite thing to do in this world.

Followed by spending time with my family and friends.

I do the enjoy usual dancing with some ear blasting music and binge watching TV shows.

I am fond of Baking and Photography!

So ya! Welcome to my blog people where I’ll be sharing my experiences and stories with you,

I believe in always trying to make people smile, even by doing the little things in life. It should make someone, somewhere happy. I wish my posts fulfill this purpose!

And I hope my blog serve as some inspiration for you to try something new and is a stepping stone for a beautiful journey. Please don’t forget to hit that follow button and join the fam!

Thank You So Much For Being a Part of My Journey!