The time I became a Published Academic Author.

It's strange how new chapters of life can bring such joy and success in an individual's life.After starting a new academic chapter of my life (joining university), I was blessed to be around good company of friends, encouraging and friendly faculties as well as excited parents.Studying applied psychology means you get tons of opportunities to … Continue reading The time I became a Published Academic Author.


Recently, A friend told me about his experience using Google maps. How the maps gave him certain longer directions to his location and after going down that route, he realised there was a simpler one which he knew he could have taken. This story made me reflect on so many things in my life and … Continue reading ReRouting

Indian Festival of Colors ~ Holi

Tiny Balloons ✔ Different colors ✔ Water Hose ✔ Sweets ✔ PichKari ✔ Think I covered everything we would need to have a extremely fun day playing Holi, a.k.a The day we get down and dirty with some water and colors! Holi was one day of the year, I did not mind lathering up with … Continue reading Indian Festival of Colors ~ Holi